At THE BLUE BOX we offer you

two lines of service

I want to start a projectfrom scratch


We start off with our personalized discovery phase, where we hold private meetings to get to know you and your project.
In those meetings, we define the design and the user experience, the technology and the list of tasks involved in it.
After this, you get the roadmap to your own MVP (minimal viable product) and we get to work.
I already have adefined product


If you already have the design and the requirements needed for your product, all we need to do is get those things done.
The implementation follows the list of tasks with an agile methodology where we plan regular releases until getting to our MVP (minimal viable product) release as soon as possible.

Do you already know which path to choose?


Balanz Mobile Apps

Balanz, the top fintech company in Latin America, came to us to further develop and improve their already existing apps, for both iOS and Android. These apps work as a nexus between the capital market and the general public, making it easier for more people today to operate there (buying and selling stocks, bonds, options, etc), without the need to consult an agent. Note of interest: This is an ongoing, long-term project, that we have had the pleasure to be part of for over two years.