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The Blue Box has enjoyed a successful partnership with Balanz, a leading financial services firm in Argentina and LatAm, for over three years. This collaboration has focused on developing, maintaining, and updating their mobile applications for both iOS and Android platforms.



Technologies Used

iOS, Android, Swift, Swift UI, Kotlin, Java, JetPack Compose

Our solution

From the beginning of our collaboration, we have worked closely with Balanz to develop mobile applications that offer their users an intuitive and secure investment experience. These applications enable users to access a wide range of financial products, monitor their investments in real-time, and conduct transactions efficiently.

A key aspect of our partnership has been the continuous maintenance and updating of the applications' codebase. These updates ensure that the applications benefit from the latest improvements in performance, security, and usability provided by these modern technologies.

Impact and Benefit: Continuous updates ensure that Balanz users enjoy a seamless and modern user experience with intuitive and responsive interfaces. By keeping the codebase updated, we ensure that the applications meet the highest security standards, crucial in the financial sector. Implementing advanced technologies like SwiftUI and Kotlin Jetpack Compose allows Balanz to stay at the forefront of technological innovation in the capital market.

Client Info

Balanz is a leading financial services firm headquartered in Argentina, specializing in investment and financial advisory services. Established in 2002, Balanz has a strong presence in Latin America and offers a wide range of financial products including mutual funds, fixed income, and equity trading. Their focus on providing value to institutional and wealth management investors is supported by a robust research team and a commitment to innovative financial solutions​. More info about: Balanz and the iOS and Android apps.

"Working with The Blue Box has been a very positive experience. Their commitment to quality and innovation has enabled us to offer our clients a top-tier mobile investment platform." - Product Manager, Balanz.

The partnership with Balanz exemplifies how a synergistic collaboration can yield high-quality, market-leading products. The Blue Box is committed to supporting Balanz in providing the best investment tools for their clients.