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Mobile Apps Trends

1. Virtual assistants:
  The incorporation of virtual assistants in apps not only offers more accessibility and free-hand options but also turns digital interaction into a more natural and conversational experience.
  Companies like Starbucks are one step ahead, their clients are able to order through virtual assistants and devices such as smartwatches, which makes buying their products a whole new level of convenience.
  In the same way, platforms like Google Assistant and Alexa continue evolving, making their way more and more into daily life activities, from reminders to controlling smart devices.


2. Augmented reality:
  The use of augmented reality will revolutionize the user’s experience by offering interactive and immersive ways to engage with apps, beyond conventional screens. Areas like medicine, industry, and the military are adopting this technology, which encompasses virtual, augmented, and mixed reality for diverse purposes like surgical training, physical rehabilitation, vocational and professional training and even military training.
  The goal is the unification of all these technologies in a single app, available on a single device. We have more information about this topic in our augmented reality blog. Augmented reality: the new mobile app innovation and its success with companies


3. New monetization models:
  In 2024, new strategies in the app developing monetization models are anticipated. This would include more flexible subscriptions, the incorporation of tokenomics and cryptocurrency, as well as more customized and less invasive advertising. Freemium models are being developed to offer the most value in their free version, and innovations could arise in the monetization of user-created content.
  The adaptation capacity to user preferences and technological developments is still fundamental in this dynamic and ever-growing area.


4. Serverless architecture:
  This year, cloud computing is gaining strength as on-demand access to a virtual pool of shared internet resources including compute, storage, and networking services. Many benefits like flexibility, scalability, and reliability move forward the development of apps based on cloud computing in a more general way, that ranges from banking services to message and storage platforms.


5. Serverless architecture:
  2024 appears to be the time for generative AI to establish itself as a powerful and valuable tool. This technology allows apps to be more intuitive and personalized, adapting to the user and evolving as it is being used.

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Mobile app development trends in 2024
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