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Augmented reality introduces technological innovation that merges the virtual and the real world, offering interactive experiences through digital devices, such as smartphones. It applies multimedia tech, 3D modeling and real-time tracking. This new technology displays digital content in a real surrounding, creating an immersive experience for the users. Besides its use for entertainment purposes, augmented reality can be a useful tool in diverse areas such as education, medicine, fashion and real estate. Companies from all fields can capitalize on this technology to develop new original products and boost their marketing strategies, creating new ways of interacting with their customers.

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How can your company benefit from augmented reality?

This technology opens a range of possibilities to stand out in the market, gaining a considerable competitive edge over your competitors. And why is that? Because your company will be providing unique experiences and achieving deeper connections with your clients. Incorporating augmented reality into your business strategy could not only improve the customer's experience but also help to consolidate the company in a challenging and ever-growing digitalized world. Here we show you some examples of companies already using this innovation and have exponentially improved their relationship with customers and increased their sales.

  • IKEA: their new mobile app, IKEA Kreativ, applies the latest advances in spatial computing, machine learning and 3D mixed reality technologies to achieve something very exceptional: emptying any room so you can re-decorate it. With furniture available in their catalog, of course.
  • Mercedes Benzs: uses augmented reality in their virtual assistant Ask Mercedes. Drivers are able to scan parts of the vehicle to understand its function and ask questions in case of trouble. With an integrated A.I chatbot, the assistant is very easy to use.
  • L'Oreal: a great example of this technology is Style My Hair by L'Oreal Professionnel, which allows users to virtually try on makeup or to check out a hair dye before buying it.

These are just some examples of how big companies have adapted and gotten up to date with technological advances thanks to implementing augmented reality. Without a doubt, an augmented reality system would considerably improve the exposure of your product and strengthen the bond with your audience. If you want to innovate in your business, we are The Blue Box and we are here to help you. Because we trust in your ideas.
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How can your company can benefit from AR?
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